Towcester Lakes


Weekend Bookings Available!


Towcester Lakes provides a unique carp fishing experience inside the historic grounds of Towcester Racecourse. Our spring-fed, 4-acre lake has been stocked with 120 stunning carp, handpicked from the top fish suppliers across the UK. The current lake record stands at 32lbs and a large number of stock are over the 20lbs mark.

Our lake is fully otter-fenced to protect our stock and ensure privacy during your stay. Lake exclusive carp fishing slots are available from Friday to Monday (70 hours) for a maximum of 4 angling guests per session. We have toilet & shower facilities on site, a 10-minute walk from the lake.


Do you have toilets & showers on site?
Yes, there is a toilet & shower block on site, a 10 minute walk from the lake.

Can you park by the lake?
Yes, we have a track that runs down to the lake with a concreted area to park your vehicle.

Do you offer single day or night tickets?
No, our lake is only available to book for a weekend slot (70 hour lake exclusive from Friday to Monday).

How many rods can I use?
For 1-2 anglers, you can use 3 rods each. For 3-4 anglers, you may can use 2 rods each.

Can I leave the lake then return during my booking?
Yes, you can come and go as you please during your booking slot.

What is the fish stock?
The lake has been stocked with 120 hand picked carp to 32lbs. There’s a great chance of a 20lb+ fish!


We also run a small midweek syndicate for members, permitting you to fish Monday to Friday throughout the year. If you’re a midweek angler and are interested in joining our syndicate, please click the button below for more information and to join the waiting list.